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Published: Thursday 15 October, 2015
Isabel Marant is a French new generation of designers. Isabel Marant design feature is the use of fabric, details of production, dyeing, embroidery and other technical skills. Isabel Marant style is definitely not the hustle and bustle of amazing, but only a low-key French vogue bloom.

The pursuit of natural design, comfort, joy and temperament is consistent stand Isabel Marant. Add a little water texture wrinkled, faded fabric, dyed with bright colors to bring out the point of effect seams retention edges, ruffles, and so do the old worn slight detail, makes a memorable ...... wherein, replica Isabel Marant sneakers is a great masterpiece.

Isabel Marant is a French new generation of designers in the international fashion industry has won few notable one. Isabel Marant in Paris design school after graduation Studio Bercot, that the identity of an assistant at Yorke and Cole brand follow Bridget Yorke learning. Isabel Marant before opening his own clothing store, was also artistic director and Chloe, Yohji Yamamoto, Martine Sitbon's Ascoli work together.

Isabel Marant wide range of design styles, and her unique background green world have a great relationship, she has a German origin of the mother, designer Christa Fiedler, a French father and a stepmother from the Antilles, and more growing ethnic background, reflected in Isabel Marant's costume design, make Isabel Marant fashion brand mix of the past with modern, cutting out the unique style of African, Indian, Antilles three cultures.

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